Beverly, WV National Register Historic District

Beverly, WV National Register Historic District Update

Revised Draft National Register Nomination Amendment for Public Review

Welcome to the Aurora Research Associates (ARA) online site for the Beverly Architectural Survey and National Register Update. ARA is working with the Beverly Historic Landmarks Commission to update the historical and architectural information for a number of buildings in Beverly. Our ultimate goal is to include more historic buildings in the National Register Historic District by expanding the boundary of the district.

The Beverly Historic District was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. The original nomination focused on the older buildings and houses in the central area of town. The Historic Landmarks Commission would like to expand the boundaries of the historic district to include more historic houses, especially from the late 1800s and early 20th century.

The draft National Register Amendment is available below for download and review by the public. The document includes several different sections. Section 7 contains a description of every building within the existing and proposed historic district. Each building is considered either “contributing” or “non-contributing” based on its age, historical significance and material integrity. Section 8 contains the historic background and context for the historic district.

ARA also completed Historic Property Inventory (HPI) forms for most buildings, both historic and non-historic, in Beverly. These forms will be placed on file with the State Historic Preservation Office and the Beverly Heritage Center in order to provide detailed information to researchers and the public regarding Beverly’s buildings. HPI forms are also available for review. See below for information on how to access the forms.

Please email comments and questions by March 30, 2014 to [email protected] or call (304)685-7410.

Thank you for your help, and check back with us on this website for updates on the project!


Revised Beverly National Register amendment draft

To access the HPI forms, please use the following maps to identify the Survey Number of the structures in which you are interested. Please note that Survey/HPI Numbers include either an “M” or “RD” prefix that may not appear on the maps.

Beverly Architectural Survey Resource Maps-2-1

Beverly Architectural Survey Resource Maps-1-2

The HPIs are grouped together in PDF documents by number and can be downloaded through the following link:

Google Drive Beverly Architectural Survey

A Note on Street Addresses

You might notice that Section 7 and the HPI forms use unfamiliar street addresses. ARA worked with the Randolph County Office of Emergency Management to obtain the 911 street addresses for most buildings in the survey.  We decided to use the 911 addresses so we will have a consistent way of identifying the buildings in the future. Please contact the Town of Beverly or the Randolph County Office of Emergency Management for more information on the implementation of the 911 street addresses.

Questions and Concerns

Does being listed on the National Register affect what you can do with your property?

No! Many people fear that having their property included in the National Register means that someone will tell them what they can and can’t do. That is a myth. You can do anything you want with your buildings as long as you are using your own private funds. You are not obligated to let anyone enter or tour your property.

What are the benefits of being listed in the National Register of Historic Places?

Having your property listed in the National Register brings positive recognition to you and your community. Beverly has been listed as an historic district in the National Register since 1980. As a result, your town has received grants from the State Historic Preservation Office to develop and celebrate your heritage. Beverly is known throughout the state as a great historic place to visit. Individual owners of National Register properties are also eligible to apply for grants or tax credits for work to preserve their buildings.

Why are we trying to enlarge the historic district?

Since the original nomination was done in 1980, National Register standards and policies have changed. We want to bring the nomination to current standards and to include deserving buildings that reflect Beverly’s early 20th century history.

Why is/isn’t my house considered historic?

To be eligible for the National Register, a property must meet the National Register of Historic Places criteria for historical significance AND possess integrity. This means the buildings must have a significant link to an important historic event or person, be a good example of design or workmanship, or yield important historical information. The building must not have undergone too many changes and should maintain its historic look. The Beverly Architectural Survey update is a work in progress. We want to include as many significant buildings as we can, so if you know something we don’t know, please share it!