Journey Through Time: Unveiling the History of US Route 1 in Maryland

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Opening Day, Eckington & Soldiers Home Railway, 1888 (Source: Smithsonian Collection Catalog #180098)

Discover the rich history embedded in the 30-mile stretch of US Route 1 winding through Prince George’s, Howard, and Baltimore Counties in Maryland. Once the traditional lands of Indigenous American peoples like the Nacotchtank and Patuxent, this area has undergone a remarkable transformation over its 400-year European settlement history. From humble agricultural beginnings, it has blossomed into a bustling hub of commerce, education, and industry.

Transportation has been the lifeblood of this evolution, with roads like the Baltimore-Washington Turnpike and innovations like streetcars and automobiles propelling growth. This research project delves into this history, aiming to compile existing studies, update historic contexts, and identify significant properties along the corridor.

A recent field survey, conducted with meticulous care, scoured the route for historic treasures, enriching our understanding of this vital artery of Maryland’s past. Stay tuned as we uncover more fascinating insights into the story of US Route 1.

1878 Map of Baltimore & Ohio railroad and Washington Branch. (Source: Library of Congress)

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