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I was surprised – in a great way – when Lori Kersey of the Charleston Gazette emailed me last week about possibly featuring Aurora Research Associates in the Sunday Business section! Apparently my story was interesting enough because we made the paper:
“The Business of Saving History”

Thanks Lori, for a really nice article! I really liked that she included the Fint family tradition of taking the side roads and gawking at courthouses, houses, old schools and all the other buildings that form our favorite unique small towns. My mom and dad also gave us an appreciation for local non-chain restaurants… in retrospect, not only is seeking out the local eateries rewarding for the palate, it is also a fantastic method for discovering historic towns and new places.

I think there is a great market for historic preservation work, especially as we continue to expand our concept of “preservation.” It doesn’t have to be limited to period restorations of the grandest and most famous buildings. Preservation should also be a part of the evolution of the neighborhoods and towns we visit in our everyday lives. Preservation means recognizing historic value and making informed decisions on how to keep old buildings viable. It does not have to be restrictive or stagnant. It IS possible for old buildings to work practically for the people that use them today, and at the same time, add that irreplaceable texture of the past to our environment.

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Courtney is the owner and principal of Aurora Research Associates, LLC, an historic preservation consulting firm.

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