EDGE and DBE Woman-Owned Business Certifications Pending

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Last week was an exciting week, as I submitted my applications to be certified as a woman-owned business in the State of Ohio. Ohio has a program called EDGE (Encouraging Diversity, Growth and Equity) that encourages state agencies and anyone doing business with them to use more woman-owned and minority businesses. The US Department of Transportation has its own similar program called DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) for Federally-funded transportation projects. Agencies try to meet goals in giving projects to woman and minority-owned businesses, so it is a very positive thing and a little boost when you are going after government contracts, and also helps out larger companies if you are a subcontractor.

The applications are very involved and require dozens of supporting documents, so that they can make sure you’re not just a “puppet regime” for a husband or relative’s company. You have to prove that a woman makes the decisions and controls the company. After making about 5000 copies of 100 documents, I finally gathered everything and sent it off for review! The review takes anywhere from 30-60 days and could involve an on-site interview…. Here’s hoping I didn’t forget anything and that it goes quickly and smoothly.

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Courtney is the owner and principal of Aurora Research Associates, LLC, an historic preservation consulting firm.

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